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Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County began in 2003, following a meeting of concerned citizens, school personnel, and prevention professionals about youth drug use in Grant County. The coalition began by addressing youth tobacco use, which was of concern. Over the years, the coalition began to broaden our scope to include alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. (read more)

These resources will help you learn about the latest in substance use news, and find any assistance you may need.

Latest News

We Want to Hear From You!

Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County have been testing indoor air quality at establishments that allow smoking indoors. Our testing allowed us to discover that the average air quality in these establishments is 2 times worse than the Environmental Protection Agency's standard for outdoor air … Read More

Planning a Lake Day? Alcohol Doesn’t Mix with Water Fun!

While the start of school is just around the corner, we have many HOT days in front of us, including a holiday weekend in September.  In Grant County, we are lucky to have many places to boat and swim during the summer months.  Enjoying the sunshine and water is great while the heat is rising, but … Read More

Clean Air for Williamstown

In February 2018, members of community coalitions FFLAG and Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County conducted air quality monitoring in several workplaces that allow smoking.  We found that the average air quality inside some of these establishment was over two times the EPA standard for outdoor air … Read More

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